Twitter asks users to change password, updates privacy policy

KATHMANDU: Over 330 million twitter users experienced a pop-up notification to change their password before accessing their accounts today.

The notification from twitter claimed that they have identified a bug that can store the passwords, which has long since been fixed. Although Twitter after investigation found no indication of breach or misuse, it has prompted changing the password of Twitter and Periscope.

This security prompt comes after the notification about the updates in the privacy policy and terms of service by Twitter.

Earlier, Twitter Inc had been sending emails regarding updates to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy over the week.

Protecting and defending your privacy is at the heart of our work. Today, we’re launching our new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, which will come into effect on May 25.

Learn more here:

— Twitter (@Twitter) April 24, 2018

The twitter email that starts with, "We believe you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it, and that you should have meaningful control over both," claims that they are always committed to transparency and in preparation of the new data protection laws that are set to take effect 25 May 2018, they are updating the privacy policy.

The new data policy called GDPR — the General Data Protection Regulation —is a new European Union standard for data rights and in the case of non-compliance, the organisations may face heavy fines.

According to the mail, the updated policy will offer users more control over the personal data, how twitter share users' data with business partners, and more transparency.