Two men rape 13-year-old girl

Biratnagar, October 11

A 13-year-old girl was gang-raped in Pathari Shanischare Municipality, Morang.

The victim girl’s friend had called her out of home to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday. The girl, who worked as domestic help at another person’s home, was gang-raped when she went out with her friend to mark the birthday.

On the pretext of celebrating the birthday, the teenager was left in the jungle of Shanischare Municipality where she was raped by men. The victim, who left the home where she used to work on Tuesday, was found in sorry state nearby the next morning. The culprits had raped and dropped her near her home at 5:00am yesterday.

Immediately after the incident, Manoj Rai, 22, and Raj Kumar Majhi, 23, were nabbed. Police have also arrested a 15 year-old girl who had tricked the victim to reach the forest. It is reported that the two youths fed the girl home-brewed alcohol and gang-raped her in the jungle.

The victim’s mother had married another man while her father was working at his neighbour’s home. The victim was called out of the home and made to ride pillion on Raj Kumar Majhi’s motorbike to the forest. After the girl, who had gone to celebrate her friend’s birthday, did not get back till late night, the landlord and other locals had carried out a search on Tuesday night.

After they came to know the girl was raped yesterday morning, the girl’s landlord had filed an FIR at the police office. “Police held two youths on the basis of the FIR filed by the girl’s landlord,” DSP Nishan Thapa said. The culprits have been sent to custody and an investigation has started, he said.