Kathmandu, November 6:

Two separate contempt of court cases were filed at the Supreme Court today, seeking the SC’s action against vice-chairman of the Council of Ministers, Dr Tulsi Giri.

Two advocates Laxmi Kumar Khadka and Tara Nath Dhungana filed separate cases against Dr Giri accusing him of trying to mislead the Supreme Court at a time when the apex court is seriously examining the recently promulgated controversial Media Ordinance. Thus, till date, Dr Giri has to face five contempt of court cases.

Citing his speech in Rautahat on October 30, the advocates accused him of trying to mislead the SC and harassing common people who seek justice by filing cases in the courts. Dr Giri had accused lawyers and journalists who move the SC against the government frequently as not having any work and, in the process, creating hurdles for the government and annoying even the judges.

One of the petitioners, advoate Dhungana, today made Kantipur daily, its editor Narayan Wagle and its promoters Hem Raj Gyawali, Binod Raj Gyawali defendants in the case for publishing Dr Giri’s ‘irresponsible’ speech.

“His speech insulted the integrity of the apex court, judges, lawyers, and the journalists who have strong faith towards the judiciary,” the petitioners claimed.

The petitioners urged the SC to seriously stop any such kind of ‘irresponsible speech from a person who is holding an important executive post of the government. “He had tried to harass people to move the court against the government which itself is an irresponsible act and against the rule of law and constitution,” they claimed.