Two Nepali women found dead in Puri of Odisha

KATHMANDU: Two Nepali women were found dead at a bus stand in Puri of the Indian state of Odisha on Tuesday, local media reported.

Two others were rescued in a critical condition from the Malatipatpur bus stand and admitted to a local hospital for treatment in the coastal town of Puri.

The deceased are believed to pilgrims who went to Puri along with a group of tourists from Nepal and Uttar Pradesh. But their address in Nepal was not immediately known.

Puri houses the temple of Jagannath and is considered one of the most revered Hindu pilgrimage sites.

The reason behind the two elderly women's death was not clear. But they reportedly complained of vomiting and loose motion after having food earlier in the day, according to the Odisha Sun Times.

Odisha TV reported that the two were travelling with their families.

Reports said police are looking into the case.