Two Nepalis kidnapped in Iraq

Taplejung, October 1:

The family of Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Ammegudin VDC-7 in Taplejung district said Dangi and one of his Nepali friends had been kidnapped in Iraq.

According to the family sources, Dangi, 39, had gone to Iraq some nine months ago for employment from Saugat Manpower company in Kathmandu. Dangi and another Nepali with Maharjan caste were abducted from their company, Dangi’s family said. The Dangi family has been repeatedly telephoned by kidnappers demanding ransom.

Dangi said over the telephone that the kidnappers abducted him from the company he was working with and took him to a jungle in Iran, where he was being tortured, his family said. Dangi’s father Man Bahadur said the family had sent Rs 11 lakh to the kidnappers, but they did not free Dangi.