Two persons held for rape made public

Biratnagar, July 29

Police yesterday made public two youths held in connection with the rape of a teenage girl in Rangeli Municipality of Morang.

On July 5, three drunk youths of Rangeli Municipality-9 had abducted a local girl, 16, when she had come out of home at night to answer nature’s call. They took her to a nearby rice mill where they raped her.

“Of the youths involved in the crime, Roman Magar, 25, and Prince Adhikari, 24, were arrested from their homes on Saturday.

The other youth involved in this case, namely Sunil Chaudhary, 23, is on the run,” said Inspector Kabindra Karki of Rangeli Area Police Office, at a press conference held here last evening to make public the perpetrators.

According to Inspector Karki, there had been a failed attempt to settle the case by paying hush money to the victim’s family.

“After the rape became known in the village, locals on July 11 had gathered and reached agreement to settle the case at the village level itself by paying a reparation of Rs 150,000 to the victim’s family, but as we got wind of the incident, we arrested the youths,” said Karki, adding they were carrying out further investigation by keeping the youths in custody.

The victim has been kept under the protection of a social organisation in Biratnagar.