Two persons held on charge of murder

Jhapa, February 7

Police made public two persons arrested on the charge of murder in Jhapa today.

Karan Chaudhary, 22, and Laxman Yadav, 18, of Birtamod, involved in the murder of Indian national Suban Shekh, 40, were paraded amidst a press conference at the District Police Office.

Shekh, who hailed from Arariya of India, had been temporarily residing in Charpane of Birtamod-2. His body was found in charred condition on Tuesday. “The murder happened in the course of a dispute that had surfaced while they were having liquor together at night,” said District Police Office Chief SP Krishna Koirala.

“After the dispute Chaudhary and Yadav had gone out for some time. When they came back later, they found Shekh still there and started to quarrel again. It was then the two attacked Shekh with a big stone and killed him,” said the SP. “When Shekh blacked out from the attack, they chopped off his private part thinking he would die soon. After his death they dragged his body away and burnt it,” said the SP further.

Police recovered a lighter used to burn the body and the deceased’s mobile phone SIM card from them.