UCPN-M CC meet: deliberation on

KATHMANDU: Ten senior leaders of UCPN-Maoist on Sunday commented on the political document of the party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ during the ongoing central committee meeting that resumed this morning.

Ninu Chapagain expressed concern over the analysis of imperialism only on the basis of economy and insisted that the same should be analysed on the basis of culture and information. Sashi Sherchan urged the leadership to define what type of communist party the UCPN-Maoist was and to adopt changes accordingly.

Earlier today, the meeting of the party’s parliamentary board held at its parliamentary party office reiterated the party’s claim over the leadership of Army Integration Special Committee (AISC). The meeting concluded that the remarks of the leaders of the coalition government on the AISC were unconstitutional, and therefore, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal should furnish explanation over the comments.

Maoist spokesperson Dinanath Sharma even warned that they would take to the streets if the government failed to provide the top post of AISC to the Maoists. Party chairman, Prachanda, was the head of the AISC that was formed when the Maoists were leading the government.The meeting also decided that each Maoist CA member would chip in Rs 1,000, the sum of which would be provided to support the diarrhoea victims.