UCPN-Maoist chairman slams growing factionalism in party

B IRGUNJ, July 11

Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Saturday said that the party was going through deviation and seeing groupism due to ‘some selfish leaders and their vested interests’.

Speaking at a political training programme in Birgunj, Dahal took serious exception to growing factionalism in the party. He warned that another split in the party could lead to dissolution.

Criticising Mohan Baidhya’s rigidity, Dahal said Baidhya would never think about development and betterment of the people and country. “The more backward the country goes, the happier Baidhyaji will feel,” Dahal added. At the programme, senior UCPN-M leader Baburam Bhattarai stressed on the need to correct the weaknesses to strengthen the party from the grassroots. He criticised the party leadership for its failure to consolidate the party

Party leaders and cadres had expressed their views on the party proposal on the federal set-up. They asked the leadership to stick to the party stance and concentrate on constitution writing. They also asked the leadership to work on bringing out the new constitution that guarantees the rights of all ethnic and religious groups and communities including marginalised, Madhesis and backwards.