Udayapur private clinics fleecing patients

UDAYAPUR: Private health facilities in Triyuga Municipality and surrounding areas of Katari and Beltar have reportedly started overcharging patients, taking advantage of medicine shortage in the areas due to the ongoing protest in the Tarai.

The affected people said that some private medical clinics charge each patient Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,000 for general check-up.

They also complained that some private health facilities have employed health workers other than doctors to conduct check-ups.

They accused concerned authorities of failing to monitor, resulting in such situation.

Maya Thapa of Katari Maruwa said that a local private health facility charged Rs 5,000 for administrating two bottles of saline solution to her ailing sister two days ago.

Khagendra Khadka of Beltar-5 said that private health clinics charge each patient more than Rs 3,000 for general check-ups.

"People are forced to visit private health facilities due to a lack of medicines at government hospitals," he added.