UDMF to intensify stir in Biratnagar

Kathmandu, November 30

A meeting of the United Democratic Madhesi Front held in Biratnagar today decided to intensify its stir in the eastern Tarai city of Biratnagar and tighten its blockade on the Biratnagar-Jogbani border entry points.

Chairperson of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Upendra Yadav told THT over phone from Biratnagar that the front decided to intensify its stir in Biratnagar and other programmes would be devised in a day or two.

He, however, said the UDMF cadres would intensify their agitation on the Biratnagar-Jogbani border entry point and block the supply of commodities except the supply of medicines and health related equipment.

A few days ago, the front had decided to allow the passage of vehicles carrying medicines and health-related equipment through Biratnagar-Jogbani border entry point. “We had relaxed our agitation in Biratnagar keeping in mind the Chhath festival, the greatest festival in Madhes and since the festival is over now, we will intensify our agitation,” Yadav said.

He said the front would also call general strike and processions across the city.

The Madhesi leader also said the government was using negotiation as a ruse to hoodwink the international community, particularly India. “Had the government been serious, it would have come with solid roadmap in today’s talks,” he added.

Yadav said the government held negotiations today just to give a message to India that it was holding dialogue with the agitating forces. “The government is not serious about seeking negotiated settlement of constitutional issues. Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa flew to India just to tell the Indian government that the Government of Nepal was holding dialogue with the agitating parties.

The government is holding talks with the UDMF just to tell the international community that it is committed to resolving issues through dialogue but in reality it is not serious about talks,” Yadav added.