UK updates Nepal travel advisory, warns citizens against political activities

KATHMANDU: The United Kingdom has issued a travel advisory to its citizens visiting Nepal, warning them of potential penalties if they took part in political activities in the Himalayan country.

"If you’re involved in any political activities in Nepal you may be liable to penalties including deportation and/or a fine," the UK government said in its updated Nepal travel advice.

The advisory follows the recent detention of a British national, identified as Martin Travers, after he was found taking part in the anti-government protest in Kathmandu.

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Meanwhile, Nepal's Department of Immigration has recently issued a notice to make it clear that all foreign nationals, who are temporarily residing in Nepal, are "not allowed to entertain other activities rather than the purpose for which the visa was obtained".

Earlier this month, a Canadian citizen was detained and his work visa revoked on charge of undermining the sovereignty and integrity of the country and jeopardise social harmony through provocative posts on social networking sites.