UML seeks respectable offer to join government

Kathmandu, May 31:

CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli said today his party will not join the next government if the Maoists do not come up with a respectable power-sharing offer.

He reminded the Maoists that they should win the support of other parties to form a government as they are short of a comfortable majority.

“They (Maoists) should not impose their agenda, and should not claim key posts,” Oli said. Pointing at the Maoists, he further said, “We faced a shameful defeat because we could not get a clear majority, but there are people who have not secured seats needed to form a government on their own. Despite this, they are boasting as if they have won everything.” Oli was addressing a programme organised by the Tarai Independent Justice Forum.

The Maoists, as the largest party in the CA, should not only strive to form a new government, but should also try to win hearts, he said. Stating that the republican path is full of challenges, Oli said the new Nepal will be meaningful only when an inclusive democracy based on socioeconomic justice is established.

Maoist CA member Barsha Man Pun ‘Ananta’ said the newly-established republic will be meaningful only when the marginalised groups, poor and peasants get their due shares. “We have toppled the known feudal barons, but there is a danger of new feudal powers emerging in disguise,” he said, terming recent movements of the Madhesi people “a natural outburst of their anger against continuous relegation”.

He said there was a need of constant vigilance and pressure to secure federalism in the new constitution. Responding to a journalist’s query, Ananta said, “As the combined strength of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML in the CA is less than that of the Maoists, the former should not claim key posts in the new government.”

Asked how his party could win others’ support without sharing key posts, he said, “The posts of Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Speaker could be created to placate the others.” “We will choose to be the opposition if other parties do not agree to our terms.”

“We are not in a hurry to form a government. If others want to form the government, we will choose to be the opposition and support the government based on merits. We will try to win a clear majority in the next general election,” Ananta said.

Another CA member Gopal Thakur said the CA will have to work hard to establish peace in the country. Advocate Dinesh Tripathi said the people’s proactive role was still needed to build a new Nepal.