UML trying to fool public: Oppn leaders

Himalayan News Service

Bhaktapur, January 10:

Leaders of the four-party opposition alliance today said the conflicting versions coming out from the CPN-UML leadership regarding the party staying in the government or baying for a walkout was nothing more than a deliberate strategy to fool the people.

The leaders were targeting the remarks made yesterday by UML spokesman Pradip Nepal baying for the walkout of the party from the government while party general secretary Madhav Nepal does not see any reason to quit.

“All this is deliberate. There are no differences within the UML over whether it should stay put or quit the government. What they are doing is a strategy to fool the people and lay claim on democratic credential,” said NSP (Anandidevi) joint general secretary Anil Jha while addressing a rally today. He also claimed the UML strategy is also a bid to check the flow of its party workers to Maoists.

General secretary of Janamorcha Nepal Navaraj Subedi flayed the UML for ‘opportunism’ and Prime Minister Deuba for pandering to the whims and fancies of the army and the feudal elements, including the monarch. “Deuba is caught in between precipice and landslide. He is arranging more cash for the army and the mon-arch. But the truth is that a further experimentation with the system will not work,” Subedi warned.

NC Spokesman Arjun Narsingh KC said while the nation will not benefit from peace worked out by the authoritarian forces. He also expressed apprehension that the government could give more constitutional authority to the monarch if the efforts to rewrite the constitution do not meet any resistance. “Fears abound that the King may gain more power if the government yields to the conspiracy to rewrite the statute,” K C warned. However, NWPP Chairman Narayan Man Bijukche saw nothing wrong in the battle against regression taking long. “Take heart, we will be benefiting as never before if the battle takes long. The changes would be salutary and irreversible,” he claimed.