UN committed to help Nepal: Tamrat

Kathmandu, October 24:

The deputy special representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Nepal Tamrat Samuel today said that the UN is committed to extend support to the peace process in Nepal in the changing political scenario.

“The international community remains committed to assisting Nepal’s peace process. UN Mission to Nepal will continue to fulfil its function and be of even greater help if required,” Samuel said, addressing the programme to mark the 62nd Anniversary of the UN. He is also the deputy head of the UNMIN.

The working period of the UNMIN is going to end in January next year.

He said that the UN is playing and will play the roles that are” |asked of it. “

Talking to media persons after the programme, Samuel indicated that UNMIN staff strength would be changed according to new circumstances.

He also said that the UN is ready to extend its assistance but the government should ask for it.

In the same programme, Foreign Minister Sahana Pradhan said that the values and norms embedded in the democratic system are indivisible and therefore need to be promoted and preserved.

The Foreign Minister said, “We are committed to consolidate the democratic procedures and take them to the logical conclusion through a constituent assembly election at the earliest possible time.”

She told media persons that the government would soon ask the UN to extend its support by a year.