Under-debt couple jumps into river with two children

Dhading, January 17

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the suicide of a woman in Dhading yesterday has to do with a huge debt her family was unable to clear.

Jamuna Regmi of Thankot, Kathmandu, died and her six-month-old infant and another son aged 2 have gone missing after she and her husband jumped into the Trishuli River, along with their children, from a suspension bridge in Bandaremod, Benighat Rorang. Her husband, Binaya Lamichhane, was, however, rescued.

Dhading police have detained Binaya for investigation.

“We’ve taken his statement in which he has revealed that they decided to commit suicide because they were unable to pay back a huge loan they had taken. Investigation is under way. We’re yet to reach a conclusion,” a police source said.

Police raided the couple’s home in Thankot today and found a suicide note which stated that they had incurred a loss to the tune of Rs 10 million in businesses, including stock market, and didn’t have any option other than committing suicide, said the police source.

On Thursday evening, Lamichhane, along with his wife and two sons had left for Jamuna’s home in Adamghat to celebrate rice-feeding ceremony for their youngest son. They, however, didn’t get off in Adamghat. They got off in Bandaremod, past Adamghat, and waited till it got dark and jumped into the river with their kids.

Locals immediately rescued the husband using a raft. Jamuna was found dead and the kids are missing. Dhading police chief Superintendent of Police Rabindra Regmi said search for the kids was on.

Born in Makawanpur’s Chitlang, Binaya used to stay with his family in Thankot in Chandragiri Municipality. According to his kin, the couple was involved in stock market.

Those who knew the couple said Jamuna’s recent Facebook status showed that the couple was facing financial troubles. In one such status posted on January 4, Jamuna had urged Thankot deputy superintendent of police to take action against a racket involved in usury. Jamuna’s family also suspects that the couple was under pressure from usurers to pay back the loan.

“In Bandaremod, while we were waiting for the opportune moment to end our lives, we gave something to eat to our eldest son at a local restaurant. Jamuna nursed the youngest one for the last time. We didn’t want our kids to suffer after our death, that’s why we decided to commit suicide with them,” Binaya told police.