Unfamiliarity with family planning taking toll on rural Far-Western women

BAJURA: Various family planning means promoted by the government and non-government organisations do not have much effect in remote village of the Far-West Development Region.

That is why women in the remote areas have been giving birth at the age of as early as 20 and continue doing so upto around 45.

Many locals are unaware of the family planning. A local woman Chhamma Luwar (45) of Gotri VDC in Bajura district has given birth to 11 children since she got married at an early age of 14.

Similarly, Kusukala Sarki (41) of Jagganath in Bajura has recently given birth to a twin. It was her 11th birthgiving.

They both expressed that they were unaware of the contraceptives. As a result of unplanned regular pregnancy, their health has significantly deteriorated over the time.

Dr. Lokendra Thapa at Bajura District Health Office said, 20-35 is the most appropriate age for a woman to become a mother.

However, in the remote areas, many girls have been impregnated twice or thrice by the time they reach 20 and they would continue giving birth to children their mid 40s, said Dr. Thapa.

Kolti Primary Health Post's staff nurse Hemu Shrestha said every month around 7 to 8 pregnant women aged over 35 visit the Centre for delivery services. She further said women in the region continue being impregnated till menopause.

It has badly affected their overall health, she added.