Unity within NC must for democracy: Deuba

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said unity within the party was essential to protect and prosper democracy achieved after much struggle.

At a festival greetings programme organised by NC at Kathmandu constituency 6 in the federal capital today, President Deuba underscored that the democracy brought with much struggle and sacrifice must be protected well with strong unity in the party.

"The present government is trying to attack democracy," NC President Deuba accused.

Also, the former prime minister, the NC President, further blamed the government that it was working against the constitution's spirit and suppressing citizens' rights.

Deuba reminded that intra-party feud had led to its debacle in the elections, so the message of unity should be spread after the festival. He also committed that he was serious to taking the party ahead.

On the occasion, NC Spokesperson Bishwo Prakash Sharma viewed that BP's views are the most relevant views for the country's development. "Recent nationwide awareness campaign has paved way for NC's transformation," Sharma asserted.

During the programme, NC lawmaker Bhimsen Das Pradhan underscored the need of ending groupism within the party for its future strength.