Uproar in HoR over govt atrocities

Kathmandu, September 12 :

Two members of the Parliament (MPs) today walked out of the meeting of the House of Representatives while another demanded the resignation of Minister for Home Affairs Krishna Prasad Sitaula, coming down heavily on the government for police ‘atrocities’ on Madhesi (Terai dwellers) protesters at Bhadrakali yesterday.

“The protesters were beaten up only because they were Madhesis. Otherwise why does the government do nothing against those who protest in front of the Singha Durbar daily?” asked Rajendra Mahato of Sadbhavana Party (Anandidevi) before walking out of the HoR meeting.

He claimed that the Madhesis too had fought for restoring democracy but they were not only being discriminated against, but were ‘mercilessly beaten up’.

Yagyajit Shah of Nepal Sadbhavana Party, who also walked out of the House proceedings, pointed out government atrocities against the Madhesis, who represent half the population of the country.

NC-D’s MP Harilal Joshi, however, went further, seeking the resignation of the Home Minister. “Murder and violence is everywhere, people do not feel the presence of the government and the Home Minister has become a lackey of the Maoists and should be removed,” said Joshi.

Stating that law and order situation was on the verge of collapse, CPN-UML MP Ishwar Pokhrel demanded that Sitaula apologise before the House. He claimed that Sitaula was busy only in posting and promoting employees.