Urges Madhesi forces to stay united

KATHMANDU: The External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj met members of the presidium of Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal Mahantha Thakur, Rajendra Mahato, Anil Kumar Jha, Rajkishor Yadav, Mahendra Yadav and Sharat Singh Bhandari, in Kathmandu, on Thursday.

According to Mahato, Swaraj told the Madhesi leaders that she was glad to see Madhesi forces united. According to Mahato, Swaraj congratulated them over their victory in the recently held provincial and parliamentary elections.

According to Rajendra Mahato, Swaraj said Madhesi forces’ unity would help them win their rights and build the environment for development in the days ahead.

According to Mahato, Swaraj told Madhesi leaders that unity of Madhesi parties would help them find negotiated settlement of issues that concern them, including constitution amendment. She told Madhesi leaders that India was ready to help Nepal in its efforts to achieve the goals of prosperity and development. Swaraj will meet Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chair Upendra Yadav on Friday.