Varsity offices vandalised, locked

Biratnagar, July 7

Five student organisations vandalised and padlocked the central office and office of the Service Commission of Purbanchal University today.

The university’s central office is located at Pushpalal Chowk and office of the Service Commission at Bargachhi of Biratnagar metropolis.

All Nepal National Independent Students Union, All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary), Federal Students Forum Nepal, National Students Union and Naya Shakti Students Union vandalised PU offices over vacancy notice published by the PU Service Commission.

Agitating students smashed and damaged the university’s computers, laptops, printers, windowpanes, tables, chairs and shelves.

Halting the vacancy announcement and examination process on March 19, a probe committee led by National Planning Commission member Usha Jha was formed to investigate the case. Defying the probe committee’s suggestion, the service commission had published examination schedule for  the recruitment process on July 5.

The exam schedule has enraged student unions, said ANNISU-Revolutionary Morang Chair Tajim Ansari. He said the varsity and commission had ignored their advice to scrap the old vacancy advertisement and start a fresh process of recruitment. Ansari claimed that students were agitated as the university was becoming a recruitment centre for kith and kin.

Ansari warned that the padlock would not be opened until the examination process of 72 persons, including professors, readers, lecturers and assistant lecturers was scrapped.

Vice-chancellor Ghana Shaym Lal Das and Registrar Pramila Thapa were not in the office when the incident took place.