KAILALI: The VDC secretaries in eastern region of Kailali district have found themselves between two fires -- supporters of the Tharuhat/Tharuwan movement and the local residents of hill origin.

While the Tharuhat/Tharuwan protesters compel them to shut down the VDC offices,  the people from hills make them open the offices, Bauniya VDC secretary Dambar Thapa said.

Tharuwan protesters have centred their agitation in villages recently as tight security has been beefed up in urban areas after the murder of security personnel in Tikapur on August 24, according to Thapa.

The VDC secretaries, however, have been "stealthily"carrying out their duties despite the threats from Tharuwan protesters, a VDC secretary said requesting anonymity due to security concerns.

More than a dozen VDC secretaries from the eastern region including Ratanpur, Pabera, Hasuliya, Gadariya, Joshipur, have been attending the duties from Dhangadhi, the district headquarters, for a month.

Tharuhat/Tharuwan supporters, who launched their agitation on August 8, have painted "Tharuwan State" in the government offices.

The members of Tharu committee have vowed to continue the protest until their demand for a separate state is met.

Meanwhile, protesters have set the VDC offices of Ratanpur and Bauniya on fire.

Kailali's Chief District Officer Mohan Chapagain said that the arsonists would be prosecuted.