VDCs fail to submit social security allowance details

Rajbiraj, September 15

Nearly a dozen VDCs from Saptari have reportedly failed to submit the details of social security allowance distributed in the last fiscal.

This has been largely attributed to the VDC secretaries’ apathy.

Harihar Chaudhary of Saptari DDC said that 11 VDCs are yet to submit the bills of the third instalment of security allowance distributed last fiscal. Some of the defaulting VDCs are, Hanumannagar Municipality, Koiladi, Manraja, Bode, Raypur, VDCs.

Chaudhary informed that action was being taken against the 11 VDC secretaries who failed to respond accordingly to the DDC’s repeated requests to submit the bills. He added that the DDC had gone ahead and blocked the secretaries’ salary and other facilities as per the prevailing law of the land as part of the punishment.

According to Chaudhary, out of the total Rs408.18 million a sum of Rs 396.48 million was spent on distribution of social security allowance last fiscal, whereby 13,042 elderly people received the security allowance.

Similarly, 3,498 single women and 12,687 widowed women, 29 females and 415 males who are physically challenged individuals and 116 female and 215 male partially disabled individuals were recipients of the said allowance.

As many as 8,364 Dalit girls and 8,538 boys were also provided with the allowance.