Veep demands UNMIN support

DHANGADHI: Vice President Parmananda Jha on Sunday said that the UNMIN should provide the details of PLA fighters to the government.

Talking to journalists in Dhangadhi, Jha said, “As UNMIN is here to help in the peace process, it should provide the details of Maoist combatants to the government.”

“The UNMIN has to provide the details of the PLA fighters if the Special Committee constituted for the integration of the PLA fighters formally decides on the matter,” the Vice President reasoned.

Saying that the need will arise to extend the tenure of the CA if the statute is not promulgated in the stipulated timeframe, Jha said, “But it can be viable only when the promulgation of the statute is ensured.”

Earlier Jha said that if the Nepali people want a Hindu state, Nepal could be declared a Hindu nation once again. He made this comment while speaking to journalists in Dhangadi amid the increasing demand to declare Nepal a Hindu nation since the last few months.

Various parties, students and associations have been pressing the government to declare Nepal a Hindu state.

Brahman Samaj in Palpa on March 7 had demonstrated in front of the District Administration office, Tansen demanding a Hindu state.

Last week Kali Baba organised Rudrachandi Akhanda Mahayagya at Pashupati Bankali for the restoration of the Hindu nation status.

For instance on February 23 Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Nepal (RPP-N) called a protest to declare the country a Hindu state.

Jha recently returned from a pilgrimage of Haridwar.