Veep not to request review

KATHMANDU: Vice President Paramananda Jha has said that he won't move the Supreme Court in order to request to review its verdict on his oath taken in Hindi last year.

Jha's opinion comes just a day after the political parties took initiative to move the SC to request to review its decision on VP Jha's oath, after the row prompted constitutional and political crises in the country.

"I won't take suicidal decision," Jha told while talking to The Himalayan Times today. "I know the court and the judges very well," he said adding that all the judges were biased.

"I know them very well as I'm the product of the court and I share the bench with most of the justices," he claimed.

Commenting on the SC order issued yesterday, which uphold the verdict on July 24 that directed him to take fresh oath in Nepali, issued by a five-member full bench, he said it was not fair.

"I'm yet to receive the text of the order but whatever I knew through media so far, the order issued yesterday is not fair at all and I'm not satisfied with it," he said. "No one is honest here," Jha maintained.

He stated that he would not take any step but only observe the developments. "I just want to see the happenings as a spectator. I don't want to react time and again over the same thing," Jha said, adding, "I didn't expect other types of decision from the SC whatsoever."

Jha also said that though the political parties had discussed the amendment of the Interim Constitution to secure the right for the persons who hold constitutional positions, they realised the issue after it was too late.

"Finally, they've realised it at this juncture for which I've been vocal since long,"said the vice president.