Veep yet to reply to SC

Kathmandu, August 12:

Vice President Paramananda Jha is yet to submit his written explanation on why he took oath of office and secrecy in Hindi to the Supreme Court.

The court, on July 28, directed him to submit his explanation within seven days and he had received the notice on July 30.

“He is yet to submit his explanation,” assistant SC spokesperson Hemanta Rawal said. “He has already received the court’s notice and he knows the law. We are hopeful that he would submit his reply as per the law,” Rawal added.

According to a close aide of the VP, Jha wanted to extend the time frame by 35 days, as per the Civil Code, as he could not reply within the original deadline due to personal reasons.

Jha’s close aide told this daily that Jha would submit his explanation within a few days.