Vehicles welcomed with garlands

Ramechhap, December 18

Locals were elated after motor vehicles reached Mathillo Babiyakharka through Dumrikharka Salle of Ramechhap Municipality for the first time today.

A bus and a sumo jeep that arrived Mathillo Babiyakharka was welcomed with garlands and vermilion powder.

A dozer provided by Nepali Congress leader Kanchharam Tamang was used to construct the road from Dumrikharka Salle to Mathillo Babiyakharka in the past four months. Tamang had provided the dozer free of cost and Ramechhap Municipality provided fuel for operating the dozer.

With the construction of the 17-kilometre road, the village has finally been linked with road network. Deputy Mayor Sirjana Khadka had inaugurated the road today.