View tower being constructed in Bedkot

  • The project, which aims to attract foreign and domestic tourists, lies 22 km north of Mahendranagar

Kanchanpur, June 16

Construction of a view tower in Bedkot of Kanchanpur district has started with a view to attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

The view tower will be constructed at a cost of six million rupees in the Bedkot pond area. The Bedkot Municipality will provide 30 per cent amount, while the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development will provide the remaining 70 per cent amount, said technical assistant of the municipality Siddharaj Ojha.

He said construction of the view tower was under way with the aim of completing the project within July 15, 2017. One can view the scene of the pond area and also have a panoramic view of Tarai from the view tower.

The project site lies some 22 kilometres north of Mahendranagar. The area is famous for being a picnic spot for domestic tourists and for panoramic sight-seeing of Tarai for foreign tourists.

Similarly, a park is being constructed on the bank of the Chaudhar River at Bedkot Municipality. Construction of the park is under way at a cost of Rs 5.8 million, informed Ojha.