Villagers happy with deep boring water supply facility

Taps have already been installed in many households to ensure smooth supply of drinking water


People at Guruwagaun had to face problems due to lack of reliable sources of drinking water in the area. Not only did they have to fetch water from a well, but they also had to face acute shortage of water during summer as the well would start drying up gradually during the hot season.

Now, the locals are happy because water pipeline has been installed, and they have been assured drinking water supply in the villages.

People of Guruwagaun, Beruwagaun and Gurgain will now consume water drawn from a boring dug at Guruwagaun of Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan City.

Chairperson of Drinking Water Consumers’ Committee Bamdev Sharma said that work on the project is under way in full swing. The project is estimated to cost Rs 20 million.

People’s voluntary contribution for the project will amount to Rs 5.3 million.

The Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office, Dang, has started laying drinking water pipeline in the villages, he added. Work has started as per the three-year plan.

Sharma further said that they have set a plan to directly provide drinking water to the taps of consumers after collecting water in the overhead tank after laying the pipeline.

The target of providing drinking water facility to 200 households of the villages has been set in the first-phase.

Himal Chaudhary of Gurgain said that though it was difficult to make voluntary contribution as well as to raise fund for construction of the project, they were happy to know that they would be getting drinking water at their door step.

Taps for drinking water have been installed in more than 6,500 houses in two years in Dang.

The Division Office, Dang, has been installing drinking water taps as per the Lumbini Province government’s slogan of ‘one house, one tap’ in the district within three years.

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