3 kids die of viral diarrhoea in Jajarkot village

JAJARKOT: A three-month-old died of viral diarrhoea in remote Thalaraikar-9 of Jajarkot district.

With the infant's death today, the number of people losing their life due to the viral disease, which broke out in the Thalaraikar VDC five days ago, has reached three. All the victims were children.

According to Dr. Dipak Pun at the Jajarkot District Health Office, two children died of viral diarrhoea at Thalaraikar-8 three days ago.

About two dozen people are suffering from the disease. Dr. Pun informed that most of them are elderly and children.

A medical team, led by a health assistant, has been dispatched to the affected area along with medicines.

Dr. Pun expressed his hope that the disease could be controlled by Saturday.