Viral fever cases increasing in Nawalparasi

NAWALPARASI: Cases of viral fever have increased in Nawalparasi district, of late.

According to Dr. Narul Hoda of Prithivi Chandra Hospital in Parasi, headquarters of the district, among the patients that come for regular check-up, 70 per cent are of viral fever in Parasi-based hospitals.

Seasonal changes and high temperature are reasons behind the surge of patients, informed Hoda.

People are found suffering not only from the fever, but also from common cold, urine problems, vomiting, and diarrhea, among others.

The visit of patients with such symptoms to health posts, medical shops, private hospitals, clinics, community hospitals and the District Hospital is on an upward trend.

Dr Dibash Sapkota, doctor at the Madhaybindu Community Hospital in Danda, Kawasoti-16 and Primary Health Post in Chormara informed that most of the patients in both of the health facilities are of the viral fever.

The fever has gripped different age groups, the health professionals informed. Around a weeklong hospitalisation is needed for complete recovery, they radded.

Meanwhile, people of the district started visiting Bharatpur, Rupandehi, Butuwal, Bhairawa, Palpa and other for the treatment as health facilities of the district could not cure them.

Dr Hoda suggested the patients to take rest as well as take nutritious foods to fight against the disease.

Putting on mask and avoiding using the things used by the patients of fever are the tips to remain safe, informed Dr Sapkota.

Viral fevers for a longer time can take lives of people if not treated on time, informed doctors.