Vitamin 'A' and de-worming tablets being administered nationwide

KATHMANDU: Children below five years age across the nation are being administered Vitamin 'A' and de-worming tablets today and tomorrow.

The Health Ministry has set a goal to administer vitamin 'A' to 2.7 million children from six months to below five years and de-worming tablets to 2.3 million children from one year to below five years.

Chief of Nutrition Section of Child Health Division, Department of Health Service, Raj Kumar Pokharel, said that more than 50,000 female health volunteers have been mobilized for the same.

Doctors said that children would suffer from night blindness and malnutrition in future in lack of vitamin 'A'. The government administers vitamin 'A' and de-worming tablets in every six months.

Pokharel said that the children from six months to two years from 28 districts of Tarai would also be administered with power Balvita with iron supplement as anaemia has been found in the children there.

The female health volunteers have been asked to carry out check up of the children whether or not the children are suffering from malnutrition.