Vote counting underway in 2 municipalities, 7 rural municipalities in Bhojpur

BHOJPUR: The Election Commission Office Bhojpur on Thursday has said that the vote counting of the two municipalities and seven rural municipalities in the district is underway.

The second phase of local level elections were commenced yesterday in province number 1, 5 and 7 in 35 districts for selecting local representatives in the areas.

As of now, CPN Maoist Centre's panel has emerged victorious in two wards of Ram Prasad Rai Rural Municipality in the district. MC swept ward number 1 Okhe and ward number 8 Basikhora in the district.

Similarly, Nepali Congress has also registered victory in two wards of two rural municipalities.

According to Election Commission Office Bhojpur, NC's panel has emerged victorious in ward number 1 Shyamsheela in Pauwadumba Rural Municipality. Likewise, NC's Nagendra Khatri's panel has won in Yangpang in Arun Rural Municipality-1.

In Bhojpur Municipality, Maoist Centre's Bishnu Bhujel was elected as ward chairperson of ward number 1 and UML's Kumar Rai secured victory as ward chairperson of ward number 2 in the Municipality.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission Office Bhojpur informed the vote counting is underway in Bhojpur Municipality, Sadananda Municipality, Hatuwagadi Municipality, Salpa Sisalcho Rural Municipality, Ram Prasad Rural Municipality, Arun Rural Municipality, Aamchok Rural Municipality, Temke Maiyum Rural Municipality and Pauwadumba Rural Municipality in the district.

The third round of local level in province number 2 is slated for September 18.