Vox pop: People want polls held

Biratnagar, October 31:

The postponement of the constituent assembly polls has disappointed people here. The interviewees said in one voice that the constituent assembly elections should be held early.


Jeevan Nepal, president, Morang Byapar Sangh:

“Economic development is impossible until political impasse prevails. Economic and political development has to go hand in hand. The CA polls should be held within 2064 BS to break the political impasse.”


Dr Madan Koirala, physician, Biratnagar:

“The parties must unite. Otherwise, foreign vested interests and regressive forces will begin their game. The parties should rise above their self-interests and work for holding the polls on time.”


Bijay K Pathak, journalist:

“If the parties do not work to hold the polls on time, they will never receive the kind of support they got from the people during Jana Andolan II.”


Rupesh Khatiwada, student leader, Morang:

“Senior leaders of the political parties should team up to hold the CA polls anyhow.”