Vultures of Terai spotted in Myagdi

BENI: The vultures that generally dwell in the Terai belt are spotted in Beni district of hilly region in the recent days.

Experts say that the vultures of the Terai region could have migrated to the hilly region by seeking moderate climate after the rise in temperature in the southern plain.

The local residents of Okharbot, Rum, Jyamrukkot, Ratnechaur and other areas in Myagdi district said that they have spotted new kinds of vultures that were never seen in the region.

At a time when Eurasian Eagle owl (commonly known as huchil), Hile, Ratopangre and other species of vultures found in the hilly region are gradually on the verge of extinction, the vultures arrived in Myagdi from Terai region would no longer sustain here, Ornithologist Raju Sapkota said.

“The vultures had migrated to Terai from hilly region after the extinction of Simal trees. But, now the vultures are seen. There are lots of vultures in the farm,” Nar Bahadur Thapa of Beni Municipality-4 said.