Waling, May 13

Death toll in the jeep accident that occurred at Arkhalbas of Waling Municipality-14, Syangja district this morning has reached 14.

Spokesperson at the District Police Office Syangja, Rabindra Khanal said the jeep (Ga 2 Cha 3026) fell down from the inner road at Arkhalbas at 10.30 am after the driver lost control over it.

It was en route to Tiwaripasal from Sikhre.

The casualties includes Maya Pun, 63, Pawan Kunwar, 9, Kuldeep Kunwar, 50, Dem Kumari Kunwar, 50, Harikala Kunwar, 86, Tek Kala Kunwar, 50, Jamuna Kunwar, 25, Bhimkala Kunwar, 70, Muwa Kumari Kunwar, 70, Pot Kumari Kunwar, 43, Januka Kunwar, 43, Gyandali Kunwar, 42, Meena Kunwar, 50 and Phuldevi Kunwar whose age is not known. All the casualties are from Arkhalbas, Waling-14.

According to the police spokesperson, those injured in the accident are Belmaya Kunwar, the jeep driver Bhul Bahadur Kunwar, Gaumati Thapa, Gyan Maya Kunwar, Saraswoti Kunwar, Kabita Kunwar, Anish Kunwar, Kushal Kunwar, Jyamkali Kunwar, Kaushal Kunwar and Sita Kunwar of Panchamul Arkhalbas, Waling-14.

They are in serious condition and have been sent to the Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara for further treatment after being given primary treatment at the Gahraun Primary Hospital, Waling. Netra Bahadur Kunwar, 55, of the same place is being treated at Waling itself as his condition is moderate.

They were all coming to Tiwari Pasal voting centre for casting ballots under the local level election today.

The entire Tiwari Pasal village has plunged into grief following the death of so many people from the village in the accident. However, voting is underway at Tiwari Pasal at present.