War casualty high in Kavre

Himalayan News Service

Kavre, March 9:

A hundred-and-seventy persons have been killed in Kavrepalanchowk district in the eight-year-long Maoist conflict with 59 being killed after the breach of ceasefire.

Human rights activist of Kavre, Bhoj Raj Timilsina, said 87 government personnel, 58 Maoists, and 25 local people have been killed in the district till date. Among them, 60 Tamangs, 38 Brahmins, 19 Chettris, 12 Dalits, 14 Newars and 27 people of unidentified caste, were killed.

The armed conflict has taken the lives of 13 Maoists, while they killed two students. An additional seven students were killed in a bomb explosion.

According to statistics, 49 Maoists including nine women were killed after the breakdown of ceasefire. Maoists killed 61 people including four women, 43 were killed during the emergency, and 14 lost their lives during Kilosera-2 Operation.

Timilsina added the government had killed 39 Maoists, two UML cadres, one Janamorcha cadre, a police personnel, one driver, three students and two civilians. Five Maoists were killed in their internal conflict, while they killed four UML cadres, 15 NC cadres, 21 policemen, five civilians, two RPP cadres, two teachers, three cadres who had surrendered, one student and retired policeman, and a health worker.