Waste to be used to produce biogas

Nawalparasi, October 15

Kawasoti Agriculture Market Management Committee and Alternative Power Promotion Centre are set to produce biogas from waste organic matters collected from the weekly

fair held at Thanachowk of Kawasoti Municipality, Nawalparasi.

Chairman Lekhnath Basyal of the committee said separate plants had been prepared for the same. “We will utilise waste materials to produce biogas for commercial purpose,” he said.

The plant was set up with Rs 850, 000. Alternative Power Promotion Centre invested Rs 550, 000 while Market Management Committee invested Rs 300, 000 in the project. Basyal said the project would help keeping market clean and locals would also be benefited from the project. Earlier, the committee had tried its hands in producing organic fertiliser from waste.

It is said the committee came up with the plan to produce biogas out of the waste after locals complained of foul smell  and pollution caused  by unmanaged garbage of the surrounding. Gas produced from the plant will be distributed on daily basis. The gas will be distributed to slaughter houses and hotels, among other places.