Lamjung, March 25 Health services at district community hospital in Besisahar, Lamjung, has adversely been affected due to acute water crisis. Administrative Chief Yubraj Devkota said all health services had been badly affected due to lack of regular water supply at the hospital. “We even do not have water to clean tools that can be reused,” he said, adding that patients did not get water to use toilet and clean their clothes. “Cleaning, surgeries and laboratory tests among other regular activities at the hospital have been affected,” he informed. Devkota said patients and their relatives bought bottled water to use toilet. As many as 200 to 300 patients visit the hospital on a daily basis. Likewise, locals residing in the headquarters have also been facing drinking water crisis. As many as 2, 595 households in Besisahar have been affected due to lack of water. Kalpana Danai, a local, said they were compelled visit nearby wells to fetch water. Besisahar Drinking Water and Sanitation Consumer Committee chair Krishna Lal Pradhan said it had not been able to meet the demand for drinking water after local water resources went dry. “We have failed to ensure adequate water supply as water resources have gone dry,” he said. Besisahar Municipality has been preparing to bring water from the Bhachowk River for Besisahar consumers. The project’s estimated cost is Rs 28 crore. Of this amount, 70 per cent will be borne by the government, while the locals will contribute 30pc. The project will be completed within a year.