Water crisis in Jogbudha Hospital

JOGBHUDHA: Barely one year into its establishment, Jogbudha Hospital in Dadeldhura is said to be on the verge of closure due to acute shortage of water.

The existing hospital was shifted to Jogbhudha about a year ago with the establishment of far-west Sub-regional Hospital in district headquarters Baghkhor.

According to Dr Anuj Kayastha, the hospital has been using water borrowed from local households. “We used to have enough water earlier, but problems arose after the water source went dry recently,” he said adding, “There were two separate lines supplying water, one to the households and other to the hospital. However, the locals have been using the hospital’s line ever since the source ran dry.”

According to Dr Kayastha, over 100 patients used to visit the hospital on a daily basis earlier. “Water is a crucial element in the hospital as we need it at all hours of the day. Daily services, including surgeries, have been affected due to the water crunch. We might have to shut the hospital if the dearth continues,” he said.

Lack of water has also affected sanitation at the hospital. District Public Health Chief Shivadatta Bhatta confirmed that the hospital had been battling with water shortage.

“After the sub-regional hospital was shifted to the headquarters, we decided to shift the existing hospital to Jogbhudha thinking it would be a great relief to people of Jogbhudha, Aalital and Shirsha VDC, but to no avail,” Bhatta said. He added that the state could either construct a separate water project meant only for the hospital or the hospital should pull down its shutters.

The hospital also faces other problems such as lack of medicine and manpower. Though it has three posts for doctors, only two have been currently assigned on duty.