Water crisis sparks migration in Bhojpur

Bhojpur, July 1

Acute shortage of drinking water has forced people to migrate from Manebhanjyang of Ram Prasad Rai Rural Municipality to the river banks and other villages of Bhojpur.

Manebhanjyang’s Archale, Bhorleni, Ambote, Gada, Agaute, Ranagaun and Gurans have been hard-hit by drinking water crisis. Those living in Manebhanjyang have been facing acute shortage of water for many years as water sources have gone dry.

Around 56 families from Archale, Bhorleni and Agaute have migrated to other places while others are preparing to follow suit.

“Water crisis has hit the locals and those into livestock farming the most. They have migrated to the river banks,” said Krishna Kumari Rana Magar, a local.

Ranagaun is the worst hit.

The only source of water for the villagers is a well. Two pitchers of water is supplied to each of the 16 families in the village Locals keep the well locked to prevent people from using water randomly.

The well was used for supplying water to locals from adjoining places such as Odare, Jukepani, Agaute and Latridanda, among others, till two years ago. “But, now, water in the well is not even enough to supply to people of Ranagaun,” said Jit Bahadur Magar.

The well opens at 5:00am and is locked up at 6:00pm every day and water is proportionally distributed to 16 families in the village. At other times the well remains locked.