Water woes of Dhodeni residents end


Faced with a persistent scarcity of drinking water, the residents of Dhodeni had felt they might have to leave the place for good due to the drinking water problem.

They went everywhere seeking help to solve the problem but to no avail. The villagers were finally relieved after they got tapped water at their homes.

The face of the villagers have lit up after they got drinking water at their homes, courtesy of Prayas Nepal, Dhading, which developed the project under its Purnima Programme with the assistance of Oxfam.

While the organisation contributed Rs 1.4 million to the project, Gajuri Rural Municipality chipped in Rs 306,000 and the locals contributed labour worth Rs 515,000.

“Earlier, we had to go out early in the morning in search of water, but now that we have a tap at our own home, drinking water is no longer a problem,” said local Devaki Magar, adding that the end to the plight of having to wander far and away for water has increased their productivity.

Dhodeni village in Gajuri Rural Municipality is a short distance from the Prithvi Highway but lacked development earlier.

“We are very happy now as we have been linked by a road and lately we have water supply at our own homes,” said local Nirmala Ale Magar.