WB to provide $ 45m

LALITPUR: The International Development Association under the World Bank (WB) is ready to provide $45 million over a period of three years for constructing 650 km roads and 10 motorable bridges in rural areas of 30 districts in the country.

"A negotiation between the government and the WB to this regard has been concluded in a positive note," said Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, spokesperson for the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD). "The agreement will be officially signed between the Ministry of Finance and WB shortly."

The negotiation was held on October 20 and 21. Shyam Prasad Mainali, secretary, MoLD, represented the government during the negotiation.

Of the total assistance, $24.75 million is a loan amount while $20.25 million is grant assistance. "The budget will be spent on the infrastructure development of 30 districts through the Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agriculture Roads of MoLD," he said. "In the budget, the government will add 10 per cent of the total budget while respective District Development Committees will add another 10 per cent of their budget."

"The budget will be used to construct 650 km road and 10 motorable bridges in the districts. A portion of the total amount will also be spent on the maintenance of the existing roads," he explained.

The project will be carried out in Kanchanpur, Kailali, Bardiya, Banke, Surkhet, Salyan, Dang, Pyuthan, Arghakhachi, Palpa, Syangja, Kaski, Tanahu, Nuwakot, Makwanpur, Parsa, Bara, among others.