Kathmandu, January 5:

“I did not have the qualification needed to be a judge but worked as one as per the assignment by the royal goverment,” Haribabu Chaudhary, one of the members of the disbanded Royal Commission for Corruption Control, told the commission, headed by former Appellate Court Judge Madhav Prasad Ojha, formed to probe the excesses committed by the RCCC against the political leaders.

A member of the commission quoted him as saying this today while being grilled by the commission. The Ojha Commission also quizzed Raghuchandra Bahadur Singh, another member of the RCCC.

The member quoted Chaudhary as saying that he did not do anything to suppress the democratic activities and claimed that the RCCC secretary Shambhu Khadka took all the decisions and he just signed the copies of the judgment. “I worked in the Royal Nepal Army and I was not qualified to be a judge but worked as per the assignment of the government,” the member quoted Singh as saying. He also denied any hand in supressing democratic activities.