We all have our priorities in life. Most of us have certain dreams and goals that we want to achieve to be happy in life. We all think that if we achieve certain things then we will be happy. When we do achieve our goals, we become happy.

But most of the time, that happiness doesn't last very long. After some time, we start looking for another goal to achieve. So this process of looking for lasting happiness keeps us going every day. But most of us never find it, no matter how many goals and dreams we achieve. So, why is it difficult for most of us to stay happy that lasts?

It could be because what we chase in life as a source of happiness is not the source. Most of us look for happiness in external gain and achievements. As a result, we get involved in achieving them, by forgetting to enjoy the present moments in our lives. At any moment, we are too busy achieving it. So in the end, we realise that we really didn't enjoy life. We spent all the time chasing one thing after another, forgetting to live a quality life.

In fact, the happiness we all need in life is in front of us, and with us all the time. It is none other than the present moments of our lives. The source of everything in life is the present moment. If we allow ourselves to feel sad or depressed in the present moment, by thinking about a past event,then we are creating more sad and depressing moments in our lives. But if we remain happy and thankful for life in our present moment, then we create more pleasant and happy future moments. Basically, what we feel at the present moment is what adds up to make our future moments.

Everything is up to us to decide what we want to do in the present moment, so thatthe future moments will be designed accordingly. All the power that we have is in the present moments of our lives.

What and why we do anything in the present moment is what creates more similar future moments for us.

Therefore, the present moment is what matters in life.

Everything starts from the present moment, and the same moments expand themselves to be our future moments. Therefore, we must take care of the present moment with a pleasant attitude so as to create more pleasant feelings for us even in the future.

The present moments in our lives are precious moments, in which we plant the seeds for future moments. Living every moment with a feeling of pleasantness is what we all should adopt in our life. This will eventually help us drive our life the way we want to.

A version of this article appears in the print on November 23, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.