Medical Rehabilitation Organisation, Kathmandu, German Citizen Andrea Drawer and Kathmandu resident Namita Sha helped Suntala Budha, 48, of Khaptadchhededaha Rural Municipality with wheelchair and food materials in Bajura.

Suntala had been bed ridden for the last 12 years due to back injury. She was helped with the materials after a news story was published about the plight of the helpless in this daily.

Chairman Samrat Singh Basnet said that his organisation helped Suntala after she was stranded when her back had cracked some twelve years ago.

"We have helped the helpless woman with wheelchair after her treatment was impossible," he said. Basnet said that she was compelled to go the toilet crawling.

Doctors said that taking out or keeping the rod on her back had no meaning. The relief was offered to Suntala through youth leader Taal Bahadur Rawat of Nepali Congress, Bajura.

He said that the small help to Suntala was a great support to the helpless. Suntala's back had cracked after she had fallen from a tree while collecting fodder. She has been struggling for life since then. Suntala said that she was very happy after receiving the wheelchair as she would find it easy to go to the toilet and could move around the house.

Four rods were kept in Suntala's back after surgery in India.

Suntala's husband Jaya Bahadur Budha died three years ago.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 2, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.