Wild elephants on rampage destroy houses

KANCHANPUR: A herd of wild elephants destroyed two houses at Jonapur of Shuklaphanta Municipality-3 in Kanchanpur district on Saturday night.

The tuskers destroyed the houses of Deepak Humli and Bir Bahadur Chaudhary. They also gobbled the food grain and tore the beddings and other items in the houses.

The occupants of the houses escaped the site to save their lives.

Deepak's wife, a nursing woman, saved her life by hiding under the bed with her infant.

The locals evacuated after sirens were sounded and there was hullaballoo in the village. The elephants came from the Tarapur area of the Shuklaphanta National Park entered the settlement at 11:00 pm.

The villagers could drive away the rampaging tuskers' herd only at 3:00 am today.

The elephants went back to the nearby jungle only after fires were shot in the air.

Locals said the herd comprised some 22 adult and calf elephants.