Wild elephants unleash terror in Kanchanrup Municipality

Rajbiraj, November 2

Wild tuskers have unleashed terror and forced locals to stay awake at night at Charkhiya Tole of Kanchanrup Municipality-12, Saptari.

Locals have been spending sleepless nights after a herd of wild tuskers destroyed three houses and damaged crops four days ago.

A herd of around a dozen wild elephants had destroyed houses belonging to Jaleswor Mochi, Lila Banjara and Ramkishun Khatwe.

Villagers said that they have not been able to sleep as they fear that tuskers might come back to the village again.

“Wild tuskers are killing people every year. It is very difficult to protect children and the elderly from them,” said Dilli Bahadur Khatri, a local.

Six persons were killed by the wild tuskers last year. “Locals will continue to live in terror until a permanent solution is figured out,” Khatri added.

Ward chair Devi Bahadur Khatri complained that their requests to various government agencies to find a permanent solution to the problem had fallen on their deaf ears.

“We had drawn attention of the District Administration Office and security agencies about security threat from wild tuskers and wild buffaloes. However, nothing has been done to prevent the wild animals from entering human settlements and causing loss of lives and property,” Khatri said.

Tuskers coming from Koshi Tappu Wildlife damage life and property at Kanchanpur, Fattepur, Barmajhiya, Goghanpur, Theliya, Mahuli, Bhardaha, Bairaba, Badgama, Kamalpur, among other places, every year.