Winter session of House prorogued

Kathmandu, January 16:

The winter session of the parliament, which began on November 19, was prorogued today with Speaker Subas Nembang reading out a letter from Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to prorogue the session as per Article 51 (2) of the interim constitution.

Article 51 (2) states that the “Prime Minister shall, in consultation with the Speaker, prorogue the session of the Legislature-Parliament.”

The winter session proceeded for 59 days and passed 13 bills, including the Nepal Trust 2007, Arms and Ammunition (2nd amendment) Ordinance 2007 and the Election Bill. The session also endorsed the third amendment to the interim constitution by declaring Nepal a federal democratic republic.

“This session has been significant since it has endorsed some historic achievements,” the Speaker said.

“This session has uprooted all bases and remnants of autocracy by making a historic decision on republic,” he added.

Nembang time and again laid emphasis on unity among all political parties to consolidate democracy, human rights and peace.

“Unity is crucial to holding the Constituent Assembly election in a free and fair manner,” he said, adding there was no alternative to unity and consensus among the parties. The Speaker urged all political parties to move ahead unitedly to accomplish the government’s objective of holding the CA polls on April 10.