Police have made public a woman arrested in connection with the murder of a local businessman in Godawari Municipality, Kailali, a few days ago.

Thirty-six-year-old Jayanti Chaudhary of Gwta, Godawari, was paraded in connection with the murder of Shivacharan Rana, 36, at a press conference organised at Kailali District Police Office today.

The detained woman pleaded guilty while recording her statement with the police. She is said to have admitted that she had to kill the man as she was unable to put up with his blackmail in relation to their secret affair.

"It appears that the man and the woman had been in a relationship for quite some time. They had a fall-out of sorts once, but patched up soon after. It was later when the woman came to know that Rana had relationships with other girls too that she planned and executed the murder," said SP Anupam Shamsher JBR.

SP Rana further informed that the police have been searching for two other persons who were complicit in the murder. "The two were used by the woman to finish off the man. They are at large now and a search for them is under way," he said.

As per police sources, both the murdered man and the woman are married people.

Police have claimed that the man was murdered with a sharp weapon. Shivacharan's body was found near Geta Medical College last Saturday.